Is digital marketing Easy? Ultimate guide for beginners.

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Is Digital Marketing easy?

This is a very good question, is digital marketing easy?

Hello everyone, Myself Rohit Rana, and I am here to answer your question “is Digital Marketing easy?” today I will also share my digital marketing journey with you, So let’s get started.

Digital marketing is a complicated and evolving industry with several approaches and methods for reaching and engaging with certain consumers.

While some components of digital marketing are very simple, such as posting and publishing social media content or writing emails, others, such as developing and implementing a detailed digital marketing plan or optimizing a site for search engines, can be more difficult.

I used to think the same thing when I was switching from being in sales to digital marketing. So a question always came to my mind if it becomes hard then I will neither be here nor there I don’t even know that much about Digital Marketing at the time of switching my career.

So what did I do, I joined an institute for four months, it was a small institute, and started learning there. Then the most important thing was that I could not go back to sales, so I had only one option left which was digital marketing. Now whether it’s hard or it’s easy, I had to do that.

But as I started, at first I did not understand why we do digital marketing. So hard and easy don’t make any sense but we continued to learn. Then slowly, after learning a little more, I understood that there are two types of things in digital marketing, one is Off-page activity and another one is On-page activity.

So earlier I used to think that I have to do this on-page activity as well, so I used to practice that too. I made a website to learn and used to make changes to it myself. So slowly I came to know that it is not the job of the digital marketer to make changes in the website itself.

So the question arises who will do this? The answer is that this will be done by the developer.

So when I went for an interview with a big company, I came to know that the development team is already there and will do this work. So I was very satisfied. After interacting with the seniors, we came to know that we have to give work to the developers.

Now let’s talk about off-page activity. 12th-class students can also do off-page activities. So don’t worry about that. I told you that you can do it very easily. You will have no problem anywhere in Off-page activity because there is a set of patterns that you will do once, the same things you have to do every month.

Slowly you will learn on-page activity, then you will learn off-page activity and then you will explore other things. You will learn social media a lot, you will learn Adwords  as you experience. Everything is very easy when you do it practically by sitting on the system.

This means it’s not very mind-boggling no calculations or rocket science. Half of the work is done by developers and the rest you have to do yourself and all these things are available online. You should know how to search on Google; you should know how to find out things.

So this is the work, there is no other work in digital marketing. 70% is research work 30% is implementation. To be effective in digital marketing, you must first fully understand the several approaches and techniques accessible, as well as the company’s aims and desired outcomes. It’s also critical to keep informed on the trendiest and best practices in digital marketing, as the area is always evolving.

So when you do research work things will make sense to you. Overall, digital marketing can be both difficult and profitable, requiring a mixture of technical abilities, innovative thinking, and long-term planning. With the correct technique and effort, digital marketing may successfully reach and connect target consumers while also achieving business goals.

Through this blog, we have tried our best to convey the simplicity of digital marketing. Just learn one skill and practice it regularly.

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