Can digital marketing make you rich? Myths and facts about digital marketing in 2023.

Can digital marketing make you rich

Digital marketing can be very profitable, but it is also a very competitive field. You must have a strong work ethic, be constantly learning and adapting, and be able to effectively reach and engage your target audience to be successful in internet marketing.

Running a successful internet marketing business takes time and effort, but financial success is attainable with dedication and hard work.

In India, digital marketing is still a relatively new concept, but its popularity is growing by the day. Many people, however, are unaware of its potential.

In this blog, we will help you in understanding every aspect of digital marketing and we promise you that this blog would be sufficient for you to understand “can digital marketing make you rich.”

But first I would like to address the most basic questions about this subject.

let’s get into it.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they require or desire by producing, offering, and willingly exchanging valuable goods and services with others.


All the firms try to produce the products which will be demanded by satisfying customer’s needs and wants.


The New York Times called it “the art of telling stories so compelling that people leave their wallets behind.” 


Digital marketing is a part of marketing. Whenever you will use your digital medium for marketing, then we will count it under digital marketing.


Digital channels include YouTube ads, website promotion, and more. In other words, you can keep tabs on people to see how many of them are watching, which needs you can meet and which you can’t, the percentage of conversion that will occur, how much people like your content, and how much of your time is wasted trying to find your market. You can change quickly thanks to this.


In simple words, promoting the product or services of the business online on various digital platforms such as social media platforms, mobile platforms, email or web applications, and websites is known as Digital Marketing.


For example, If you put a billboard in an expensive place and it costs 4-5 lakhs per month and after a few days you realize you have invested in the wrong place and there is nothing you can do and you have to pay for it. You have to stay there until the end of the contract. 


But in Digital Marketing there is nothing like that. You can do proper experiments in your market without investing much. You can run an ad for two days and see if conversion is coming then you can proceed further or try something else and by this, you will be able to make a solid market plan.


In addition, there is another benefit of digital marketing. Normally you put an ad on a billboard and design a pamphlet and you don’t know who is receiving the pamphlets. In normal traditional marketing, there used to be a huge reach but you don’t know if your target audience is receiving or not, how much you are getting conversion by doing this, and whether or not your marketing plan is successful.


But in Digital Marketing you can track your progress. Suppose you ran an ad on Google AdWords. One of the cool things about Google AdWords is that every time you run a marketing campaign, it asks your audience, which website they want to visit, their age group, their likes, their gender, and many more feature.

Why is Digital Marketing important?

Digital Marketing is important because:

Accessibility: The growing number of smartphone users is very large and brands can access global customers very easily. Therefore, the accessibility of digital marketing cannot be ignored and anyone can communicate through this digital marketing.

Interaction: There is always a seller-buyer interaction, so the seller can always get customer feedback and continuously improve and change their products or services. When feedback is received, the customer experience is also improved which increases brand loyalty.

Affordable: Anyone with a decent internet connection can afford digital marketing because they have access to this electronic medium. As it is very affordable and can offer startups or even small businesses an equal chance to thrive and reach their customers.

Use of multimedia: Advertising can take the form of podcasts, audio recordings, videos, articles, and also written blogs. Digital marketing does not limit creativity; we can reach our customers in all ways.

Analysis: We can use digital marketing to analyze everything related to the market, e.g.: What are the latest trends in the market if you are trying to sell a particular product, what age group is that product used by? Or what is the demographic of each customer?

What skills does a digital marketing manager need?


Today we’re going to talk about some skills that every Digital Marketer should know if he/she wants to become an expert in Digital Marketing

1. Marketing skill-He/she should know basic know-how of marketing skills. We are not talking about the definition of marketing or he/she should know what is guerrilla marketing. He/she should know who is his/her target audience. If there is a product, then who’ll buy this product? He/she should know this. Let’s understand how to define this target audience. Let’s say we want to buy shoes it costs around 3 lakhs and not everyone can buy these shoes. Only a specific person will buy these shoes who can afford them.

So according to it, you have to identify your target audience.  And when the target audience is defined, it’ll be easy for you in marketing. Those who run Ads on YouTube/Facebook, they know that there’s an option for targeting. If your advertising ideas are accurate then you may effortlessly target.

2. Sale Basics-It means that he/she should know what a sales pitch is and how to sell a product. Ultimately when you are doing Digital Marketing, you aim to sell the product. If you are unable to sell a product then you are not a good Digital Marketer. So in case, you need to promote a product you want to study promoting techniques.

3. UI (User Interface)-He/she should know a basic knowledge of UI. Let’s say you saw an ugly picture on Instagram as an ad campaign will you click? Most of you will say NO. So if you have basic design knowledge then you can easily do Digital Marketing, whether it’s an Ad campaign or a website, the visitor’s first impression should always be good, and the first impression matters.

4. Idea of Profitability-He/she should know the calculation of profitability. Let me teach you this logic. Let’s say there’s a product whose manufacturing cost is Rs.800 and we sell it at Rs.1000 in the market. Now a simple calculation is that our profit is Rs.200. This profit will be used for marketing also. If our marketing cost is more than Rs.200, then we need to sell it at loss.

So, if we properly analyze the profitability of our clients or our own then we’ll never be at a loss. Now biggest problem faced by digital marketers is that they don’t know how much they should spend to convert one person. When you know the profitability, you can calculate the budget for marketing.

5. Basic Tools– If you are an SEO expert then you should know some tools like AHREF, SEMrush, KWfinder, Ubbersuggest, etc. If you are an expert in social media you must have specialization in designing, copywriting, video editing, etc.

How good is digital marketing as a career?

How good is digital marketing as a career?

We have received a lot of emails from our viewers regarding job opportunities and growth in Digital Marketing. Today we’ll clear all your doubts and you won’t need to ask any more questions.


Our first query is “job opportunities” are there or not. Think logically surplus business exists that is in the unorganized sector. Many businessmen have a lot of money and now their next direction is joining the family business. So, if the next generation is coming to join the family business they need modern ways? A present-day workplace like they do needs to make websites. They may need to run a social media campaign. Everyone has the vision to take their business to the next level.


Digital Marketing will be the new marketing. So, if they have a large vision, they’ve to apply digital systems for that. And if you start your own business you can grow and if you collaborate with other businesses, you can get job opportunities too.


Talking about “growth”, if you have the skill then you will grow from time to time. You’ll keep on learning something new. There are so many businesses through which you can earn by doing Digital Marketing activities.


The next question was about “salary” which is the most common question. Don’t expect a big package deal being a fresher in a brand-new industry. Freshers don’t get a good salary package in beginning. Let’s say the salary starts from Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 for a fresher. If he has an MBA degree or he has some experience and then looks for a job then the chances are high that he may get a good job.


Think logically, in the beginning, you’re a rookie and not a user experience. So the starting salary is for training. They’ll guide you and could provide you with an income too. That’s why the salary is comparatively low. Look for a job in the company even if they give you less money; make sure the workload is high in that company So that you can learn everything related to Digital marketing.

If you work precisely on your skill, after one year you can get 25k-30k too and after 5 years it can be in lakhs also if you work well.


The next question is “language”. People suppose English is compulsory to learn Digital Marketing. But if we think logically that if you want to work in a big company where they’ve International clients then you have to speak in English. English is not that big deal. It is not that tough.


The next question is “qualification”. See if you want to do your business and want to build your agency, then qualification doesn’t matter. But if you are thinking of doing the job then at least you must complete your graduation in any field.

How to earn money as a digital marketer?

How to earn money as a digital marketer

For earning money and making your digital marketing campaign successful you can perform various activities like:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the manner of creating your internet site’s finest for engines like Google so that it could rank on top in search engine result pages.

Each enterprise owner who’s having a web presence like a business website for enterprise functions needs that his /her internet site to rank #1 in search engine result pages if any person on this international searches approximately a subject that is associated with his/her enterprise.

So, digital marketers can earn money by doing SEO on the business website.

2. Search engine marketing (SEM)

SEM is described through the units of tools, ways, and techniques that assist optimize the visibility of websites and internet pages via search engines.

To, position it simply, the best of SEM is to benefit higher Search engine positioning on Google and different matching sites.

So, a digital marketer can earn money by doing SEM on the business website.

3. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization is essentially using social media as a catalyst to develop your organization’s digital presence.

Where a few organizations tend to exactly set up a profile on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to exist in which their customers, Social media optimization is set strategically creating, constructing, and maximizing your social media plan to connect to your target followership.

So, digital marketers can earn money by doing Social media optimization for the business.

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is part of Online Marketing, wherein social media websites are used for marketing. Social Media Marketing refers to using social media and social networks to market a company’s merchandise and services.

So, digital marketers can earn money by doing Social media marketing for the business.

5. Email Marketing

Email advertising is tremendously a successful virtual advertising method of sending emails to possibilities and clients. Productive advertising emails assist in changing possibilities into clients and generating revenue.

So, digital marketers can earn money by doing email marketing for the business.

6. Content Marketing

Content advertising is a strategic advertising method focused on developing and dispensing precious, applicable and well-matched content material to draw and preserve a described audience.

Content advertising isn’t a clerical challenge you wrote a few content materials and begin posting it on any online platform. Unless you’re approaching a way my content material advertising will work, you can’t do it effectively.

So, digital marketers can earn money by doing content marketing for the business.

7. Pay-Per-Click advertising

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising model and because the name suggests, it’s the fee you’re making on every click which you admit.

In different words, PPC or pay-per-click is a common marketing and marketing version in online campaigns that assist pressure commercial enterprises to a website. The advertiser only can pay the writer when the commercial receives clicked on which makes it usually effective.

So, digital marketers can earn money by doing pay-per-click advertising for the business.

How to become a successful digital marketer?

Strategies to become a successful digital marketer are:-

  1. Digital Marketers should be good team players. Team player means they must have leadership qualities. He can make his team work efficiently if he has good leadership qualities.
  2. They should understand marketing as an investment. All successful digital marketers consider the cost of marketing as an investment because if you do not spend a decided budget on marketing, then you cannot expect returns. So you have to take it as an investment which will give you some return.
  3. All successful digital marketers are good students who keep learning. Every successful digital marketer keeps learning something new whether it is through books or videos. When they get an opportunity to learn anything, they never miss that opportunity.
  4. All digital marketers have a pure analytical mindset. They have plans, they have strategies, and they have roles defined. All digital marketers analyze things and then execute them, and if they want to make changes, they do it.
  5. All successful digital marketers adopt and test all the latest updates, features, or platforms. They are not resistive.

Digital marketing pay scale in India and US:

This digital marketing salary may vary depending on your job description, experience, and key skills; however, if you have all three, you should be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Job role

Average Salary in US market

Average Salary in Indian market

Digital marketing manager



SEO manager



Social media manager



Content manager



SEM specialist



What is the future of digital marketing?

What is the future of digital marketing

As all of us recognize that maximum businesses in this world are moving closer to online systems due to the fact the consumer of the net is growing at a fast rate. Currently, there are 5.07 billion lively net customers around the sector and this wide variety of internet customers will generally tend to grow globally in upcoming years. That is why the significance of digital advertising is likewise growing.

Digital marketing by no means disappoints in terms of producing sales due to the fact through digital advertising activities, all of your efforts are directed closer to your target market and this enables you in changing the prospects into customers.

Digital Marketing is important and performs an essential function to develop your online presence so you can attain your target market and may convert them into leads.

Online Marketing is cost-effective and much less annoying in comparison to offline advertising of enterprise due to the fact offline marketing requires a big funding and it’s miles hard to enlarge the enterprise outside the territory of the country in which the enterprise operates as there are numerous entry barriers in offline advertising.

In online Marketing, any type and size of enterprise whether small – medium scale or large scale can grow their enterprise digitally because the entry barrier is low and cost-friendly.

Moreover, Digital Marketing has made it possible for businesses to reveal their boom through numerous analytic tools which aren’t always possible in offline advertising.

Through Digital Platforms, you could attain potential clients and may get in contact together along with your customers at any time as it is primarily based totally on a 24*7 advertising approach, and offline advertising is commonly performed on working days.

The world is moving closer to digital and it is a virtual age. Most human beings on this globally are having smartphones, so for each enterprise, it has ended up prominent to move for Digital Platforms as they may assist in attracting mobile customers.

Can digital marketing make you rich?

Digital marketing may be a money-making career, and it’s far possible to earn full-size earnings through successful digital advertising and marketing efforts.

However, it’s far essential to be aware that there may be no assurance of wealth or fulfillment in any career, which includes digital advertising and marketing.

Becoming wealthy through digital marketing will rely on loads of factors, which include your degree of talent and expertise, the fine and relevance of the goods or offerings you’re promoting, and the scale and engagement of your target audience.

To maximize your income capability in digital marketing, it may be beneficial to usually study and enhance your skills, stay updated with enterprise trends and developments, and increase powerful advertising and marketing techniques and campaigns.

With determination and hard work, it’s far possible to earn respectable earnings through digital advertising and marketing, however, it isn’t assured that it’s going to make you wealthy.

Why not everyone become rich with Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing requires technical skills, creativity and strategy. Successfully communicating, connecting with prospects, and achieving business goals can be difficult without understanding the various approaches and techniques available. 

This digital marketing salary may vary depending on your job description, experience, and key skills; however, if you possess all three, you should be able to capitalize on the opportunity.

The digital world is continuously changing, with fresh concepts and technologies appearing regularly. This makes it difficult for digital marketers to stay up with and adjust to evolving market conditions. 

Though digital marketing may be a profitable sector, success necessitates a mix of knowledge, resources, and agility. Not everyone becomes wealthy through digital marketing, but with the appropriate technique and skills, success in the digital marketplace is attainable.


In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that while digital marketing has the potential to lead to financial success and wealth, it cannot be relied upon to do so. Success in digital marketing requires effort, commitment and a willingness to constantly learn and adapt to new trends and techniques, just like in any business or industry. Thanks to digital marketing, motivated, competent and experienced people can become financially successful and even rich. But it is essential to control your expectations and realize that building wealth through digital marketing takes time, energy, and a solid business strategy. 


Q-1. How to earn from digital marketing at home?

You can start a blog or YouTube channel and monetize it through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. You can also create and sell online courses or e-books related to digital marketing. These are just a few ways to make money from home doing digital marketing.

Q-2. Can digital marketing be a side hustle?

A legitimate option for a side hustle is digital marketing. Many start by providing digital marketing services such as social media management and SEO to small businesses, close friends, and family. Another option is to start a blog or YouTube channel that you can monetize by selling ads, attracting sponsors, and participating in affiliate marketing.  

Q-3. Which type of digital marketing makes the most money?

The most profitable type of digital marketing can vary widely depending on several factors, including your target audience, niche, and level of experience and skill. Examples include affiliate marketing, paid advertising, e-commerce, consulting services, influencer marketing, and other high-earning digital marketing methods. 

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