Why Social Media Marketing is important? Everything you need to know.

Why Social Media Marketing is important

Humans have started using social media marketing tools to reduce their labor in a world where everything is changing so quickly that social media puts a toll on everyone. Businesses have gone online because they understand that their potential customers have changed the way they shop.

Social media marketing is one of the most important and successful forms of advertising nowadays. It enables you to communicate with customers, win their trust and loyalty, and provide helpful knowledge to them.

In this blog, we will help you in understanding every aspect of social media marketing and we promise you that this blog would be sufficient for you to understand why social media marketing is important. 

But first I would like to address the most basic questions about this subject.

let’s get into it.


Friends, 15-20 years ago, when the reach of the Internet was very limited, then the marketing options we had were very limited, like TV, radio, newspaper, billboards, door-to-door campaigns, etc. But these methods cost a lot of time and money. The effects of some methods were not even known. It was also not known whether the marketing we are doing is reaching the right audience or not. There were not many customization options.

In today’s date, the portfolio of marketing has become very big. Thanks to the internet. Digital marketing has reduced the problem of that time to a great extent. Often the methods of digital marketing are within the budget, many customization options are available and we know about our audiences.

Digital marketing can be done through search engines, emails, websites, social media, and many more options are there in the market. Out of these, social media platforms are very popular.

Almost everyone is using social media platforms. Everyone is spending their time on social media platforms and this number will grow in the future.

What is social media and its uses?

Social media can act as a window for your products and services. Social media marketing can have a great impact on growing your brand.

Hi guys, we welcomed you to this complete social media marketing blog. We’ll be covering some of the most important topics related to social media marketing.


Social media is a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities such as Social networks, Social news, Media sharing, bookmarking sites, blogs, and Social Review Sites.

Uses of Social Media:

  1. Social media are used to promote the name of a brand and business.
  2. It helps in building stronger relationships with existing customers
  3. It also helps in finding out, what customers think of a business.
  4. Social media helps in attracting new customers.
  5. Social media tells customers about the goods and services of a business.


What are the advantages of social media?

  1. Social media helps in connecting with the targeted audience from different parts of the world, where the internet is available because it has a broader reach.
  2. Social media is very cost-effective. Through social media, any business can market their product and services as it is free or sometimes it may involve very minimal cost.
  3. Social media can target a particular audience or group.
  4. It is a fast and easy way to reach your target audience.

What is social media marketing?

SMM is a part of Online Marketing, in which social media websites are used for marketing. Social Media Marketing refers to the use of social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services.

SMM includes activities like:

  1. Posting text and image updates –In this activity, businesses used to post text and images in form of updates regarding their products or services.
  2. Posting videos – In this activity, businesses used to post promotional videos for their target audience regarding their product or services.

Why social media marketing is important?

The importance of social media marketing is:

  1.  Increase brand awareness – Whether you’re a new company, you’re launching a new product, or you’ve decided to target a new audience, increasing your brand awareness is so much important. Social media marketing helps in increasing brand awareness.
  2.  Increase company profits –Typically increasing company profits involve 3 different types of actions: reducing costs, increasing profits, or both. Social media marketing helps in achieving both actions because it is very cost-effective and is capable of generating leads and profits.
  3.  Attract new customers –Attracting new customers to your brand helps ensure the relevancy and longevity of your company. Social media marketing helps to attract targeted prospects.
  4.  Retain current customers –On the other side of the coin, increasing customer loyalty is another common marketing objective that can be achieved by performing social media marketing activities.
  5.  Increasing sales –Finally, we’ve reached the most common marketing objective: improving sales. Every business has one prominent goal such as “increasing sales” which is the most difficult to achieve for new businesses. Through social media marketing, new businesses can also generate revenue.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

There are several benefits to implementing social media marketing into a company’s overall strategy for marketing. Among the primary advantages are:

  • Greater conversion ratesSocial media marketing may lead to higher conversion rates by creating relationships with consumers and offering good content since individuals are more prone to purchase from a brand they know and are connected to.
  • Increased brand recognition: Social media marketing is a smart and effective way to promote business. By putting the brand name and ideas in front of a bigger audience, social media marketing may assist to enhance brand awareness. 
  • Improved search engine rankings: By developing and posting high-quality material on social media on a routine basis, a firm may boost its search engine ranks and exposure.
  • Enhanced customer connections: By providing a medium for two-way communication and interacting with them directly, social media marketing may be an effective approach to creating and improving relationships with consumers. You can understand your audience, and take their feedback. You can interact with them, you have a loyal customer base ready.
  • Increased market insight: Social media marketing may give significant insights into customer needs and expectations, which can then be utilized to shape marketing tactics and enhance the user experience.
  • Increased website traffic: By giving links to the site and inviting people to come, social media marketing may boost visitors to a company’s website. You can decide for yourself how much to increase your reach and how many people you want to reach.
 Therefore, social media marketing can be a beneficial tool for companies and organizations of all sizes, assisting in the rise of brand recognition, the improvement of customer connections, the drive of website traffic, and the generation of leads and sales.

What are the types of Ads?

Ads can be of different types like:

1. Image Ads – Images or graphics are used to promote a product or service in image ads, a type of online advertising. On websites, mobile applications, and other platforms, image advertising may target particular demographics, geographic regions, and keyword combinations.

It’s the typical and simplest option. You can create a beautiful graphic and upload it to a social media website. For this, you can use software like Photoshop, Coral Draw, Canva, etc.

Image advertising may be useful for several reasons, including:

  • Image advertising may be used to create leads by allowing people to sign up for emails, download digital books, or look for more information.
  • Image advertising may be used to promote and convince customers to download mobile apps.
  • Image commercials can assist to boost brand visibility by exposing a broad population to the company’s content and graphical identity.
  • Image advertising may be used to exhibit and promote certain items or services by focusing on their characteristics and benefits.
  • Image advertising may be used to promote events such as live shows, festivals, or seminars by providing information about dates, venues, and ticket sales.
ads image
Image ads

2. Text Ads – A type of internet advertising known as “text advertisements” uses text-based ads to promote goods and services. Text advertising can be displayed on websites, mobile applications, and other platforms and can be targeted at specific demographics, geographic regions, and keywords.

These resemble image ads as well. However, you can also enter information in the form of text in addition to images. Calls to action (CTAs) like “Learn More” or “Sign Up” are frequently included in text ads along with a title, description, and CTA.

They can be used in various scenarios such as:

  • Text ads can help increase brand awareness by communicating your message to your target audience and displaying your logo in front of a wider audience.
  • Text ads can be used to showcase and promote the features and benefits of a particular product or service.
  • You can announce the time, venue, ticket price, etc. of events such as live performances, festivals, and seminars with text advertisements.
  • Text ads can be used to generate leads by allowing consumers to sign up for emails, download e-books, or request additional information.
  • Text ads can be used to encourage and convince consumers to download her mobile app. Text ads can be used to showcase and promote the features and benefits of a particular product or service.
  • Text advertising may be used to exhibit and promote certain items or services by showcasing their characteristics and advantages.
text image
Text Ads

3. Video Ads – A form of internet advertising known as “video advertising” uses video content to market a good or service. On websites, mobile applications, and other media, video ads can be displayed that are demographically and geographically targeted.

You can make some videos about your business; effective videos receive a lot of views and are widely shared.

For several purposes, including the following, video ads can be effective:

  • Video marketing can help increase brand awareness by exposing a company’s content and visual identity to a wide audience.
  • Video ads can be used to highlight and advertise specific products or services emphasizing their benefits and features in a visually appealing way.
  • By including details like time, location, and ticket prices, video ads can be used to promote events like performances, parties, or seminars.
  • Video ads can be used to generate leads by allowing users to sign up for email newsletters, download eBooks, or request more information.
  • People can be tricked into downloading mobile apps by watching video ads.
video image
Video Ads

4. Interactive Ads – Internet advertising that connects and communicates with people through interactive elements like games, puzzles, and surveys is known as interactive advertising. On websites, mobile applications, and other platforms, interactive ads may be displayed that are demographically and geographically targeted.

The interactive ads ask questions or conduct surveys. In these advertisements, you describe your company while also giving the customer the chance to describe his needs in detail.

Interactive ads are useful for many things, including:

  • Interactive advertising helps increase brand awareness by presenting your brand identity and message to a large audience in a fun and engaging way.
  • Interactive advertising can be used to showcase and promote specific products and services by highlighting various features and benefits in a more fun and attractive way.
  • Interactive ads can be used to promote events such as concerts, conferencesand workshops by providing information such as schedule, location, and ticket prices.
  • Interactive advertising can generate leads by allowing users to subscribe to emails, download digital books, or request more information.
  • Customers may be tricked into downloading mobile app by interactive ads.
feedback image
Interactive Ads

What are the advantages of Ads?

  1. An organization can draw clients by using these advertisements.
  2. A company can communicate with consumers through these advertisements.
  3. A company can identify the ideal audience through these ads based on factors like age, gender, location, etc.

What are the best strategies for social media marketing?

Friends, everyone suggests that you start on all platforms together. Promote your business on all platforms. The more platforms you promote, the more people it will reach and there will be growth in your business.

But no friends this is a wrong approach. I would suggest that you start with one platform initially. Do regular marketing on it, learn every aspect of that platform, and master it.

For eg. You do B2B business, linked In will be best for you. But if you do B2C then you have options like Facebook and Instagram, they will be much better. So first decide on which platform you should work.

Yes, if later your bandwidth increases, you become more popular, and you have a team to manage, so you can adopt all other platforms.

Can social media marketing really help my business?

Yes, social media marketing can be a useful instrument for companies of all sizes and sectors. It may assist to raise brand recognition, strengthen client relations, increase website traffic, increase sales opportunities and boost search engine results.

To maximize the benefits of social media marketing, you must first identify your intended customer, business objectives, and the social media channels that were highly useful for your company. It’s also critical to generate and publish high-quality, useful, and interesting information regularly, as well as to actively communicate with your viewers by replying to feedback and messages.

statistics 3

The above-mentioned data represents the top most used social media platforms for marketing goods and services. So according to your business and your target audience you can choose any of the mentioned social media platforms and market your items or services.


Businesses put their content on social media platforms and promote it. This is the freeway. On this freeway, the reach of your business is quite limited and the content that businesses put out reaches only those people whom that business knows or those people who know that business. Also, this content can come in search if a particular person searches for that particular content or business.

But if you want to increase the reach, then you have to make your content, and your business accessible to as many people as possible and you have to go for paid ads. Today’s date, all social media platforms give you the option of advertisements. This is how social media platforms earn. The above-mentioned data represents the top most used social media platforms for marketing goods and services. So according to your business and your target audience you can choose any of the mentioned social media platforms and market your items or services.


In summarising, we would like to state that social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves the use of social media platforms to promote a business`s goods or services. It could be a potent tool for enhancing search engine rankings, increasing website traffic, strengthening customer relationships and boosting brand recognition.

You must first determine your target market, business goals, and the social networking sites that are most pertinent to your company to properly implement social media marketing. Additionally, it`s crucial to regularly produce and publish information that is of the highest caliber, pertinent, and interesting. You should also actively engage your audience by responding to comments and messages.

Businesses may efficiently reach and connect with their intended viewers and accomplish their marketing goals by combining social media marketing with other digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing. It is critical to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing activities regularly and to make modifications as needed to maximize your plan.


Q-1. What is the power of social media marketing?

Social media marketing is an effective tool for businesses and organizations to reach and engage their target audiences. It enables simple and cost-effective product, service, and idea communication and promotion. Social media platforms have large user bases and access to specific demographic groups, allowing for targeted marketing efforts.

Q-2. What is the main importance of social media?

Social media’s main benefit is its capacity to connect people on a global scale and foster conversation. It provides a forum for the development of communities around like-minded interests and affords individuals the chance to express their ideas, opinions, and distinctive experiences with a sizable audience.

Q-3. How social media will change in the future?

While it might be impossible to foresee exactly how social media will evolve, some anticipated tendencies include:

  • Increased attention to security and privacy.
  • Use of augmented and virtual reality should increase.
  • Greater integration of 5G, IoT, and other emerging technologies.
  • Experiences that are more unique and tailored.
  • New social media platforms are appearing, while old ones are being used less and less.

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